Responsible business

For many years we have successfully implemented a strategy of responsible business. We make all decisions in consultation with experts in such a way to make them the most conscious, sustainable and focused solely on financial profit. We are interested in the welfare of our employees, as well as the needs and requirements of the broadly understood environmental and social interests – we own the foundation, we support athletes gaining top trophies in the world, we are partners of many social actions.

As a company with years of experience, we know that responsible business is a long-term process of strategic management, which is why we attach so much importance to each step aimed at even a partial change in policy or behaviour, both inside and outside our company.

We effectively gain confidence in our environment and we care about good communication, not only with employees but also stakeholders and partners, because we know how important that element is in running responsible business. We offer our employees the training in the field of effective interpersonal and team communication, so that they know how to express their needs.