The victory of a 7th round of DRIFT MASTERS GRAND PRIX IN Riga !!!!

The weekend on the track in Rydza during the 7th and 8th round of Drift Masters GP went very well for our driftsman Paweł Borkowski.
Whereas on the 1st day of the competition, Paweł deafited Piotr Więcka, and then James Dean from the BudMat team, won 7th round.

During the 8th round of the Drift Masters GP, despite finishing qualifications on the 3rd place, Paweł didn’t stand on the podium. When he got to the TOP 4, the car got damaged, when got hitted with a big speed to the concrete wall, and that 3rd place was taken by James Dean.

We hope that the week is enough for the mechanics to repair the car, and Paweł will take off the ground in the 9th and 10th round Drift Masters GP in Gdańsk.