Car care products

In our offer we also have car care products, because automotive is our passion. For many years we have been preparing car care products for our customers and we make sure that their cars are always as good as new. Owing to the goods we provide, the cars of our customers do not lose their value and remain not only beautiful, but also functional. We provide the highest quality at reasonable prices.

Our offer includes, among others:

  • Shampoos (plain or with wax) – intended for cleaning car bodies and painted surfaces
  • Foam for washing car windows and mirrors – perfect for cleaning all kinds of glass surfaces, removing grease and fingerprints
  • Foam for cleaning upholstery – effectively removes all stains and can also be used at home, e.g. for cleaning upholstery of the furniture or carpets
  • Windscreen washer fluids (both summer and winter) – perfectly remove salt, dirt and road sediment. Winter fluids also protect against frost
  • Fluids for cleaning rims – perfectly remove dirt, tar, dust and other road dirt deposited on the surface of the rims
  • Radiator fluids – perfectly protect against corrosion, overheating, and frost
  • Fluids for removing insects – perfectly get rid of insects flying into the car while driving
  • Brake and hydraulic fluids – comply with international standards
  • Dashboard fluids – gently clean and maintain the dashboard and other fittings made of plastic
  • Defrosting agents for car windows and locks – effectively remove frost, ice and all the dirt formed on car windows and locks in the winter, owing to it we avoid scraping windows
  • Demineralized water – intended for use in batteries and air humidifiers
  • Additives for diesel and petrol – perfectly limit excessive noise of the motor