New product – QUALITIUM C3 10W/30 oil

Group III oils are used for the production of SAE 5W/30 motor oils. Due to the current shortage of oils of this group on the world markets and the enormous increase in their prices – we decided to use the Gr II and Gr I + low-sulfur base oils to compose the QUALITIUM C3 10W/30 […]

Nature support!

Pro-environmental activities are very important to us – we have completed the research and development work as a result of which recycling technologies have been developed, and in addition, our offer also includes ecological lubricating oils. We are inspired by nature – that is why Qualitium has become one of the sponsors of the dendrological […]


August is the harvest season – it comes with increased exploitation of agricultural vehicles and machines. The products of the QUALITIUM AGRI and GARDEN lines are a response to the requirements of agriculture at that time.

New oil from the Qualitium Power family – Qualitium Power 0W/20

We are pleased to present a new oil from the Qualitium Power family. Qualitium Power 0W/20 – Synthetic motor oil for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. The oil allows the perfect combination of energy efficiency with optimal lubrication. Meets requirements: ILSAC GF-A and API: SP