New product – QUALITIUM C3 10W/30 oil

Group III oils are used for the production of SAE 5W/30 motor oils. Due to the current shortage of oils of this group on the world markets and the enormous increase in their prices – we decided to use the Gr II and Gr I + low-sulfur base oils to compose the QUALITIUM C3 10W/30 oil. This oil is completely prepared for DPF engines and meets all the requirements for this type of oil – also regarding the level of sulfur, phosphorus and sulphated ash.

Qualitium C3 10W/30 is fully interchangeable and miscible with 5W/30 engine oils with DPF.The only difference: 10W/30 oil provides a minimum safe start temperature of -30°C. However 5W/30 oil: -35°C. Is it worth overpaying in the era of mild winters?