Maciej Pospieszyński

Maciej Pospieszyński – double World Champion in glider aerobatics, Polish Aerobatics Champion 2014. One of the most successful aerobatic pilots in the world. A man with extraordinary passion and determination to achieve the intended goal, who, owing to trainings, talent and love for aerobatics won the world’s most important air trophies (in the last 5 years about 15 medals in World and European Championships). When asked about his achievements, he usually he smiles and says “the most important is to do what you love – the rest will come with time.” Maciej Pospieszyński from an early age developed his passion for aviation. His interests were focused on aerobatics. At the age of 17, he began glider training in the Warsaw Aero Club, where it soon became apparent that he is a gifted student.

In 2000, he obtained permission to perform competition aerobatics (Unlimited). In the next season he made his debut as the youngest Polish Championships contestant. In 2004 he made his debut in the European Championship – that’s when his sports career gained momentum. In subsequent years, Maciej trained under the supervision of eminent trainers: Adam Michałowski, Tadeusz Mężyk and Jerzy Makuła, winning medals in Polish Championships, European Championships, and finally, in 2012 – the title of World Champion in glider aerobatics in the class Unlimited and gold medals for the known and unknown program. In 2014 Maciej won the World Championship for the second time, winning gold medals for free and any unknown program. Maciej Pospieszyński is sometimes a crazy passionate running with his head in the clouds, always the optimist, and above all, a person open to other people, the Master who gladly shares his knowledge with younger and less experienced contestants. In 2014, his student – Michał Andrzejewski won the Polish Championship in the class Advanced. Maciej Pospieszyński and Michał Andrzejewski form an aerobatic team ( on two gliders – the only one in Poland and one of few in the world. Aerobatic Team enjoys popularity and appreciation, not only among viewers participating in the shows, but also among other pilots showing their skills.

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