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QUALITIUM CAT TO-4 30, QUALITIUM CAT TO-4 10W are Power Transmission Fluid type gear/hydraulic oils for heavy construction and agricultural equipment. Oils meet the restrictive Caterpillar TO-4 standard. Universal oils for heavy equipment provide thorough lubrication between interacting components and minimum oil loss results in smaller refills and economy.

Oils for automatic transmissions of the ATF type

Our offer also includes oils for automatic transmissions of the ATF type – intended for passenger cars, vans, trucks, buses, agricultural and construction equipment. They guarantee thorough lubrication between interacting elements, which means that the transmission work smoothly, exhibits parameter stability and excellent anti-foam properties.

Best of the best!

Qualitium Power V 5W/30 is a synthetic motor oil for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. It can be used in engines equipped with DPF filters. It is perfect for extended oil drain intervals, meets the requirements of VW 504.00/507.00

The start of the motorcycle season!

Start the motorcycle season with the Qualitium Moto 4T 10W/40! The oil is dedicated to four-stroke engines of sports, road and touring motorcycles, as well as quads. Provides excellent engine protection and lubrication under extreme operating conditions.

Semi-synthetic oil

Spring time is good for oil changes – if you need SAE 10W/40 oil for your car – we recommend our product from the Qualitium Protec line! Dedicated to diesel, petrol engines and may be used in cars running on LPG. It’s perfect for worn-out engines – ensures excellent engine protection.

Start in 2022 year

We entered 2022 with energy and challenges. We are pleased to inform that we achieved a five-fold increase in production and sales of high quality motor oils in 1L and 5L packaging. It’s not everything!– soon we are expanding the assortment with 4L packaging!