As a company with years of experience, we want to share our knowledge and achievements with everyone who would like to cooperate with us and meets the requirements for a given position. Our task is to provide what is most useful in business – that is, practical skills related to the management and rules of conduct on the market, which is full of surprises. We do not require the experience from people who apply for internships or work practice in our company, because we provide it. We also invite for cooperation independent sales persons, who would like to expand their sales opportunities.

Persons applying for specialist positions

  • the most important for a person applying for a job in our company is to show suitable commitment to carry out their duties. If you so, you’ll have a chance to just “pass” the work practice – do not count on it. In our company you can really learn a lot. We appreciate the dedicated employees, apprentices and trainees, and offer the best of them to stay with us for longer, and sometimes permanently.
  • people quickly learning new things will have a better chance of a positive result in the recruitment process. It is constructed in such a way so as to find the best candidates.
  • communication skills would be an advantage. Why? One of the main values ​​of our company and the essence of success is a process of communication that we improve from year to year. We value employees who speak openly about certain problems and are the first to propose changes that at any given time may prove crucial.
  • the ability to work in a team is very important for us, because in our company we work as a group. Individual skills or abilities are appreciated, but most of the decisions we make collectively. Not individuals, but all people are the success of our company. Owing to them we constantly go up and achieve our goals.

If you meet these criteria, do not hesitate. Apply for an internship or training in our company, and you will gain valuable experience in the labour market, so if you prove to be a committed employee, will offer you a permanent job. If you are an independent salesperson, who want to expand the range of products, gain new experience and receive training that will improve your work, contact us!