New product – QUALITIUM C3 10W/30 oil

Group III oils are used for the production of SAE 5W/30 motor oils. Due to the current shortage of oils of this group on the world markets and the enormous increase in their prices – we decided to use the Gr II and Gr I + low-sulfur base oils to compose the QUALITIUM C3 10W/30 oil. This oil is completely prepared for DPF engines and meets all the requirements for this type of oil – also regarding the level of sulfur, phosphorus and sulphated ash.

Qualitium C3 10W/30 is fully interchangeable and miscible with 5W/30 engine oils with DPF.The only difference: 10W/30 oil provides a minimum safe start temperature of -30°C. However 5W/30 oil: -35°C. Is it worth overpaying in the era of mild winters?

Nature support!

Pro-environmental activities are very important to us – we have completed the research and development work as a result of which recycling technologies have been developed, and in addition, our offer also includes ecological lubricating oils. We are inspired by nature – that is why Qualitium has become one of the sponsors of the dendrological album – presenting the beauty of trees and their history.


August is the harvest season – it comes with increased exploitation of agricultural vehicles and machines. The products of the QUALITIUM AGRI and GARDEN lines are a response to the requirements of agriculture at that time.

New oil from the Qualitium Power family – Qualitium Power 0W/20

We are pleased to present a new oil from the Qualitium Power family. Qualitium Power 0W/20 – Synthetic motor oil for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. The oil allows the perfect combination of energy efficiency with optimal lubrication. Meets requirements: ILSAC GF-A and API: SP

How can you benefit from working with us?

Are you an oil distributor? Then keep on reading!

We’re looking to expand our activity beyond Poland and we’d love to find new partners outside our country.

How can you benefit from working with us, you may ask?
✔️ Enrich your catalog with top quality products
✔️ Know what you’re paying for – we have nothing to hide when it comes to the composition of our oils
✔️ Choose the best quality at the best prices
✔️ Qualitium Nano: the best motor oils with nanoadditieves – Graphene!

1 start of Paweł Borkowski QUALITIUM TEAM this season.

Paweł Borkowski is the 5th after the first round of the Drift Masters European Championship, which took place on June 9 in Płock.
If you want to see photos and videos from the start, look at his fanpage:
photo:Kryspin Damian Ślipiec



We cordially invite you to the Galeria Bardzo Biała, of which we are the main sponsor, for the exhibition “Four rooms with pictures” by Marcin Kozłowski.

The vernissage took place on October 26, 2017, and the exhibition itself will last until November 26.

“Every room, or gallery room, is a separate story. Kozłowski presents the latest paintings, it will be easy for the enthusiasts of his work to find the motifs from previous exhibitions, but it seems to me that it may be a trap set by the artist. I would suggest avoiding trivial associations, we will see continuation at this exhibition indeed, but the whole brings a surprising effect of the thickening atmosphere of anxiety. What makes Kozłowski an artist is the ability to build a mood with seemingly simple formal means. It is the simplicity of the highest test, conciseness and precision of the poet telling stories perversely intriguing.”

prof. ASP Tomasz Milanowski
curator of the Galeria Bardzo Biała

For more information, please visit and Facebook

Maciej Pospieszynski at the Aviation Picnic in Rybnik

The Picnic Day of AEROCLUB was a two-day outdoor event in the form of a family picnic It is the largest event of its kind in the area and brings together thousands of visitors every year.

In Rybniks sky you can admire aviation acrobatics and glider aerobatics performed by the best pilots, air combat reconstructions and demonstrations of group flights.


If you want to see photos and videos from our master’s show, check out his fanpage:

Beast Debut during Picnic Aviation Depułtycze

Aviation Depułtycze come to end, and organizers have something to be proud of.

Beautiful weather, great atmosphere, and the biggest stars taking part in the shows created the climat known from the previous edition.

During the picnic our Beast debuted – Extra 330 SC. Maciej Pospieszynski once again showed “what he can afford”;)

Follow Macie on Team fanpage:

pic. air sport promotion

Paweł leads in the general classification of DMGP!

In the rain and at high temperature was held III round Drift Masters GP in Płock.
Paweł from the beginning held the lead – in qualification won the third position with 83 points.
On the way to the final he defeated Jack Olejnik, Kajetana Rutyne and Ivo Cirulis.
He slipped into the final with David Karkosik, however, not much better was Landryn.
Go ahead Paul – we keep our fingers crossed !!!!!
pic. Kryspin Damian Ślipiec


Maciej Pospieszynski’s new machine arrived this Monday! It is currently staying in Modlin.
At the moment the Extra 330 SC is one of the strongest and best acrobatic airplanes in
Aside from the reinforced engine , the aircrafts character could be described as wild and full
of life.
We are now waiting to register the EXTRA and hoping that the first flight will be in March.


Maciej Pospieszynski’s new machine arrived this Monday! It is currently staying in Modlin.
At the moment the Extra 330 SC is one of the strongest and best acrobatic airplanes in
Aside from the reinforced engine , the aircrafts character could be described as wild and full
of life.
We are now waiting to register the EXTRA and hoping that the first flight will be in March.

Christmas Eve

On the 16th of December in the Salt House on Solec 63 street, our business Christmas Eve took place. Presidents and their workers were seated at abundantly settled tables. It was a memoriable time, we summed up 2016 year, and the film premiere „O dwóch takich..”- which presents how we are helping our sportsmen Maciek Pospieszyński and Paweł Borkowski to fullfill the their dreams.

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Maciej Pospieszyński in EXTRA’s Factory

4th of November is the day, which is very important for Maciej Pospieszyński’s company. Today our contestant was in factory of „Extra AIRCRAFT” aerobatic planes in Hünxe. They had been inspecting the EXTRA 330SC model which is a single-seat monoplane offering an incredible aerobatic performance.

Everything seems to be looking well, and soon our “beautiful beast” should soon be arriving to Poland.

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The victory in KTM ENDURO Race Extreme

23rd of October, during the last round, organised by Warmiński AUTO-MOTO, club “Lidzbark Warmiński” our players didn’t fail. In the course of ride, the route was very diversified, requirements adjusted to classes, and very well prepared tracks.

Congratulations to our team for really high notes in this competitions. Continue reading

Qualitium and Chemnaft on the HaPeS markets

On the 18-20 of October in FairExpo SP. z o.o. Centrum took place international hydraulics markets, pneumatic maneuvering, propulsion and mechatronics. The event was organised for professionals and the company which are looking for a new technic solutions.

Markets were focusing on the:
Automation of producting and processing. Continue reading

We are finishing the season of DRIFT MASTERS GP

Last weekend at the arena Wisła Płock we have finished the season of Drift Masters GP. Despite the bad weather, players didn’t let us to get cold. From the morning trainings to the evening’s competition they were whipping up us to red. For our contestant – Paweł Borkowski it was a little bad luck round. During the first day he crushed car, but it didn’t interrupt him to to continue the competitions with his second, not worse car. Continue reading

Opening exhibition”I BELIEVE IN…”

We want to invite you to the gallery “Bardzo Biała” on the 29th of October at 7 p.m for an opening exhibition called “I believe in..” The exhibition will be available till the 29th of November. The exhibition is designed for adults. It contains contents socially acknowledged as controversial. It can bring up strong emotions. Continue reading

Qualitium on the fuel markets in Wrocław

On the 5-6th of October 2016, Wrocław’s Centennial Hall was visited by over 2 thousand people. Everything due to the II edition of the international markets of fuel, stations and business of the future. The whole event was focused on the owners of the petrol stations. Continue reading

The ending season of KTM KIDS TEAM

During the last champions on the north sphere in Motocross in Kwidzyn was held the last round of this region. Our player Mateusz Szafrański competed with the bests and defended 4th place in the general classification. Continue reading

Coverage from Qualitium Master Truck 2-16 on

“ Chemnaft is an unusually professional approach to the rally which allows visitors to be in the most beautiful station of the party.” – This is how writes about us.

We want to encourage you to read the coverage from Qualitium Master Truck 2016 in the E-route appropriable vehicles available on the website Continue reading

Paweł Borkowski – another round – another podium!

The next edition of the biggest drift event in Europe Drift Masters Grand Prix. This time the drivers competed in Nadarzyn near Warsaw, and once again our contestant Paweł Borkowski ended the race on the podium!! Paweł had some technical problems with the car in the qualification phase. He unerringly drove in his training car so that time indispensable mechanics could repair the defects in the Devil. Thanks to the whole team, they were able to reach the 3rd place on the podium with the full power of the engine.


Poznan Aerofestival is a true gem among this year’s airplane events!

From early morning, the air was rent by the roar of machines that provided viewers with extreme experiences. Sky stunts of the best pilots from around the world, are a real treat, not only for fans of flying crafts, but for anyone who is craves for an unusual spectacle. However, not throughout the whole event the eyes of viewers were directed at the sky. Continue reading

Paweł Borkowski – fourth round – first place!

Drift is one of the most spectacular motorsports. His beginnings took place in Japan, where the first drivers competed in “drift” driving in a controlled skid. This sport quickly became popular throughout the world. Professional and incredibly spectacular competitions began to be organized.

One of the biggest events of this kind in Europe is Drift Masters Grand Prix, during which the best drivers compete by performing extreme demonstrations of their skills. There is no place for weakness, what really counts is speed, style and precision. These features will be found for sure in Paweł Borkowski’s driving, who in the 4th round in Płock defeated Jerzy Teclaw in the TOP16, James Dean in TOP 8 and Piotr Wieck in TOP4 and thus stood on the highest podium!

We are extremely happy that we can support the best!


Chemnaft and Redbull

Fun for kids? Not necessarily. Most modelers, who succeed in the competitions, are adult men. Are the models built because of the longing for flying? Certainly, though it cannot be said that he lacks the moments spent in the air. Maciek Pospieszyński, world champion in glider aerobatics, who recently qualified for the world championship in aerobatics, several times a month visits Krzysiek Kiljan – well-known in the environment owner and pilot of remote control models of towing airplanes, built on the competitions in a scale of gliders…

Cycling race in Baboszewo

On May 1, in the municipality Baboszewo, yet another cycling race for Andrzej Trojanowski Memorial was held. The race was attended by top teams from Poland and other countries (among others Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Estonia and Belarus). In the race we could see many successful cyclists such as Ryszard Szurkowski, Dariusz Baranowski and Rafał Ratajczyk.

In addition to the main race, also Płońsk County Amateur Championship and Little Race of Peace were organized in different age groups. Until now, the age difference between the youngest and oldest participant in the race was 60 years.

The municipality Baboszewo has also prepared a number of other attractions, such as artistic shows prepared by school students, the concert of brass orchestras, acrobatic troupes’ shows, the opportunity to see familiar surroundings from a helicopter flight and a show prepared by the District Police Department in Płońsk.

Season Preview

Season 2016 promises to be really juicy!

He showed that gliding has no secrets to him. Double World Championship and a huge amount of won titles prove the fact that nothing extreme and phenomenal is beyond his reach. This season – a new challenge. We will be able to see what results from the combination of the best aerobatic aircraft in the world – Extry 330SC and one of the most successful pilots in the world.
See how the season is announced by the perpetrator of all this turmoil – Maciej Pospieszyński :)
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Company Christmas Eve

On December 18 we had our company Christmas Eve. At the same table sat the presidents of the company together with the employees. During traditional sharing of the wafer they thanked each other for cooperation and wished further successes. It has to be said that Solec63 Prestige took care of the guests’ palates and served great food and drinks. After eating Christmas Eve dishes, the guests went to the club room, where they could indulge themselves in dances and fun with music. Around 6:00 Santa Claus visited the guests with a sack of gifts. The party lasted until late evening. Thanks to everyone present for coming and we wish you a peaceful and happy Christmas.

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Silver medal for Maciej

The world champion in glider aerobatics, Maciek Pospieszyński was invited to participate in the World Air Games in Dubai. Piloting in such an unusual landscape does not happen often and is breathtaking. We invite you to look at the photos, on which you can see the amazing views that the Master had the pleasure to watch from the cockpit of his glider. Maciej came back to us with a silver medal for free competition, which we wholeheartedly congratulate him :)

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Red Bull about the Master

The world champion in glider aerobatics 2012 and 2014 Maciek Pospieszyński was invited to participate in the air games, which took place in Dubai. During the World Air Games he had the opportunity to compete in the landscape unusual for aviation competitions, and in several disciplines interesting for the spectators, such as freestyle to the music, the film from which you can see below. In addition to the incredible scenery, interesting landing and the master himself in action, on the clip from the cockpit, you can see what appears on his face when he is doing what he loves most – twists the barrels, makes turns and paints elusive abstractions the sky with the use of colored smoke.

Read more:

Masters of blue sky

“Masters of the blue sky” is a series of 22 interviews with the best sportsmen, realized and produced by Air Sports Promotion. Half-hour interviews will be broadcast from 2 January 2016, every Saturday with the premiere broadcast at 8:00 pm: on the profile Blue Wings on Facebook and on the website and other related portals.

World air games in Dubai

We are proud to announce that our Master – Maciej Pospieszyński has been invited to this year’s World Air Games. It is the largest and most prestigious event of multi-disciplinary air sports that promotes only the best sportsmen in the field, held once every four years.

World Air Games 2015 will be held in the United Arab Emirates in Dubai and are organized by the Emirates Aerosports Federation under the patronage of the Crown of the Prince of Dubai. The event will take place from 1 to 12 December 2015.

Chemnaft in TVP

Jakub Sagan’s photo exhibition entitled “Podniebności” (Eng. In the sky) is an event attracting not only fans of aerial photography but also people professionally connected with aviation. Maciej Pospieszyński, world champion in glider aerobatics in the category Unlimited, visited “Podniebności” with his family. Of course, this was noticed by the team from TVP;).
The interview can be viewed by clicking on the link below. Minute: 15:25

Euro – park 20th anniversary

Once again on the sky in Mielec our sportsman, Maciej Pospieszyński presented himself. Demonstrations on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Special Economic Zone Euro-Park Mielec. This time, the spectators included business owners and representatives of the political environment. The audience was very surprised when it turned out that Maciej is flying … without an engine!

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Shows in Mielec

Podkarpacie Air Shows, which took place from 12-13 September in Mielec, ended with one hundred percent success. A lot of great pilots and machines presented themselves on the sky. On the blue sky in Mielec you could admire the flight of Maciej Pospieszyński, who showed that he has the title of Double World Champion in Glider Aerobatics not without a reason. Phenomenal stunts, which he performed, were breathtaking.

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Maciek Pospieszyński on the fans’ photos

Red Bull brand is known for the cooperation with the biggest stars of extreme sports. Once again, the World Champion in Glider Aerobatics Maciej Pospieszyński caught their attention. This time they did not focus on Maciek’s extraordinary acrobatics, but what his fans get through the media. So, photos and videos, made not only by professionals but also by the pilot and his fans. We invite you to an interesting reading.

Interview with Maciej

Poland is a world power in the glider acrobatics, but it is louder about it in the world than in the country. Shows help popularize it and “infect” the audience with passion – says for the website Maciej Pospieszyński, double World Champion in glider aerobatic, one of the stars of the Radom Air Show, which will take place from 22 to 23 August.

Interview at:

World Championship in the Czech Republic

On August 5, in Zbraslavice in the Czech Republic the World Championship in glider acrobatics are held. Temperatures pester – 42 degrees in the shade. In addition, strong thermal activity, which causes some pilots to fly in favorable conditions with strong updrafts and others in much more difficult downdrafts. Keep your fingers crossed for our Master!

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First successes

In the just finished Warmia and Mazury Championship in the class MX 65 (age 8-12), our young sportsman Mateusz Szafrański was the second in both competitions. This is the first step towards anticipated by every sportsman – gold medal. See the photos from the event:

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Another medal

In the just finished international championship in glider aerobatics in the class Unlimited, Maciej Pospieszyński once again proved that he is second to none by taking the 1st place. Congratulations!

Shows in Leszno


Last weekend the shows in Leszno and Legnica were held, where we could admire the somersaults of our Master Mateusz Pospieszyński on the sky. We invite everyone to see the photos.

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Chemnaft Rybnik

Last weekend at the Rybnik sky, our sportsman Maciej Pospieszyński presented himself. Once again he delighted the audience with remarkable show. We encourage you to see the photos and video.

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Red Bull interview

Yesterday we were recording an interview for Red Bull company. Our Master talked about UK Championship and the plans for the already started season. Read more on:


The general meeting of Warsaw Aero Club gave our contestant – Maciej Pospieszyński, the honorary membership for outstanding contribution to the development of aviation and air sports.

New exhibition – “Ta-da faux pas”

Ta-da faux pas is a symbol of consistency in the inconsistency. It’s a blink of an eye to the creative process, act of designing and to the work itself. The artists will present works showing the penetration of various fields of art, from painting to spatial collage and fashion. They maintain a balance between abstraction and reality, the collapse and instability. In their works the matter is free, diverse and gradually begins to be organized, and the spaciousness of color and mood are of paramount importance to them. The artists seek to express themselves in a world of mysterious gardens, poetry and emotion.

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Visit to Sanok

This Friday (24 April), Mr. Maciej Pospieszyński, one of the most successful aerobatic pilots in the world, will visit Junior High School no. 1. A man of extraordinary passion and determination to achieve the intended goal, who, owing to trainings, talent and love for acrobatics won the world’s most important air trophies (in the last 5 years about 15 medals of the World and European Championships). The meeting will take place at 9:00 in the gym.

Read more:,mistrz-odwiedzi-sanockie-gimnazjum

First gold medal

The first this year’s gold medal went to the hands of our sportsman – Maciej Pospieszyński. Last weekend in London Gliding Club there was a competition in glider aerobatics “Dan Smith Trophy”, where Maciej once again proved to be the best. Congratulations!

A visit to England

Our sportsman, Maciej Pospieszyński will take part in Dan Smith Memorial together with Chemnaft logo at a special invitation of Alan Cassidy, the president of the British Aerobatic Association. The event will take place on April 4-5, 2015. Maciej’s presence will not only add splendour to the event, but will also be an inspiration for the young generation of pilots.

We support young talents

“On 11.03.2015 I signed my first professional contract with the sponsor. From yesterday my main sponsor in the season 2015 is the leader in industrial oil sector – the company Chemnaft from Warsaw. I would like to thank for the trust. I am very pleased to represent Chemnaft.” – says Mateusz Szafrański, a young, talented sponsor in outfit with Chemnaft logo.

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Maja Kitajewska’s exhibition

As the major sponsor of Galeria Bardzo Biała (eng. Very White Gallery) we invite to Maja Kitajewska’s exhibition “Pod Skórą” (eng. Under the Skin)

First training with Chemnaft logo

The first steps in Lidzbark. A very difficult track requires an iron condition and high strength. Mateusz Szafrański – our ward for the first time had training in a brand new outfit with Chemnaft logo. We hope that our support will help him in gaining the highest trophies :)mi Chemnaft. Mamy nadzieję, że nasze wsparcie posłuży w zdobywaniu najwyższych trofeów :)

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Thanks to Chemnaft

Today we received thanks from Janusz Korczak Orphanage in Płońsk for organizing a charity auction. It is a great joy and honor to support institutions acting for the people in need.


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Chemnaft meeting on aviation

Maciej Pospieszyński, world champion in glider aerobatics, talked on February 21 with the citizens of Mielec. This was already the second meeting on aviation organized by Mielec Aeroclub. This year it was sponsored by Chemnaft and Aviomet.

Meeting in Mielec

Mielec Aeroclub and sponsors – the company Chemnaft and Aviomet invite to the meeting with Maciej Pospieszyński, world champion in glider aerobatics. The meeting will take place in the Hall of ZOD AGH, at Marie Sklodowska-Curie 4 on February 21, 2015 at 4:00 pm.

Charity event – Domeyko for the Children

Our Master – Maciej Pospieszyński participates in and supports many charity events every year. One of them is tomorrow’s charity event Domeyko for Children. Maciej will take part in the match Students vs. Stars and talk about his air adventure. Last year during the same event, it was possible to bid for cela flight with Maciej, all for charitable purposes.

Maciej Pospieszyński, an aerobatic pilot performing in gliders, and recently also in airplanes, is Poland’s first professional air athlete. He has just signed a sponsorship agreement with the second, after Aviomet, strategic sponsor – the company Chemnaft producing oils for industry and the automotive sector. Chemnaft will sponsor him in aerobatics.


Constant growth

Our company, which was established in 2004, is constantly evolving. We continuously implement new possibilities, modernize production systems and train our staff. We invest in human resources, because we know that this is one of the key factors needed for the company’s growth.

Responding to the needs of today’s market, in 2014 we made a decision on far-reaching modernization and enlargement of the capacity of our warehouses to 2500 m3. We also mounted modern installations for packing oil products. Recently we equipped the plant with modern analytical laboratory and entered the fuel market. We are also planning to open petrol stations.

Maciej Pospieszyński

Maciej Pospieszyński – double World Champion in glider aerobatics, Polish Aerobatics Champion 2014. One of the most successful aerobatic pilots in the world. A man with extraordinary passion and determination to achieve the intended goal, who, owing to trainings, talent and love for aerobatics won the world’s most important air trophies (in the last 5 years about 15 medals in World and European Championships). When asked about his achievements, he usually he smiles and says “the most important is to do what you love – the rest will come with time.” Maciej Pospieszyński from an early age developed his passion for aviation. His interests were focused on aerobatics. At the age of 17, he began glider training in the Warsaw Aero Club, where it soon became apparent that he is a gifted student.

In 2000, he obtained permission to perform competition aerobatics (Unlimited). In the next season he made his debut as the youngest Polish Championships contestant. In 2004 he made his debut in the European Championship – that’s when his sports career gained momentum. In subsequent years, Maciej trained under the supervision of eminent trainers: Adam Michałowski, Tadeusz Mężyk and Jerzy Makuła, winning medals in Polish Championships, European Championships, and finally, in 2012 – the title of World Champion in glider aerobatics in the class Unlimited and gold medals for the known and unknown program. In 2014 Maciej won the World Championship for the second time, winning gold medals for free and any unknown program. Maciej Pospieszyński is sometimes a crazy passionate running with his head in the clouds, always the optimist, and above all, a person open to other people, the Master who gladly shares his knowledge with younger and less experienced contestants. In 2014, his student – Michał Andrzejewski won the Polish Championship in the class Advanced. Maciej Pospieszyński and Michał Andrzejewski form an aerobatic team ( on two gliders – the only one in Poland and one of few in the world. Aerobatic Team enjoys popularity and appreciation, not only among viewers participating in the shows, but also among other pilots showing their skills.

Official website:

Sportsman’s profile on FB::

Sportsman’s profile on Twitter::