Integration of employees

As the company with extensive experience, we know how stressful is the process of integration of the new employee to changes, new job, position and the environment. With the new members of our crew in mind and on the basis of years of observation, we have created an induction program. It aims to help newly recruited employees, apprentices and trainees to learn about all aspects of our company’s activity.

Owing to an induction program developed by us, the new persons will be able to stress-free and in detail take a look at the work place, new environment, and Chemnaft key principles and values. Our program will also help them find themselves in the structure of the company, get to know its culture and behaviour patterns. It is also intended to accelerate the integration process of an employee in a new environment and to minimize the stress associated with the change of working environment.

The aim of our program is also to streamline the process of adapting to a new job, acquiring the necessary knowledge about our company and familiarizing the employee in detail with the duties. In addition, in the new induction program the people have constant contact with the Guardian, i.e. a senior employee, who will answer all of their questions related to the functioning of the company and talk about their experiences. The Guardian is also involved in the initial observation of new Chemnaft crew members and evaluates their work performance and personal suitability for the job and forwards the collected information to the Recruitment Department.

Owing to the induction program developed by us, we create favourable conditions for effective implementation of tasks, both for new employees and trainees or apprentices. We care about the most efficient transfer of information and knowledge, and owing to that the integration process is not stressful, but enjoyable. This is a significant benefit for employees, because it affects the increase of their satisfaction and motivation, as well as smoother and problem-free movement across the organization. From the very beginning we give new employees a sense that they are an integral and equally important part of the company.