Good practices

We are a responsible company with extensive experience and long-standing presence in the market. Therefore, we have a set of certain ethical values ​​in force in all aspects of our company activity. Both inside and outside, we disseminate and promote a culture of compliance with the law, making decisions based on ethical criteria and responsibility for decisions.

In our company, we primarily care about the safety of our employees, who are an elementary part of our success. We provide them with adequate training in the field of Occupational Health and Safety and personal protection measures, which directly affect the protection of their health. We invest in systems that help us to prevent any unpleasant incidents in the workplace and improve the functioning and the flow of information. We also ensure that the measures applied by us always have valid certificates and authorizations for use.

Our employees are also provided with all the training packages, not only the mandatory health and safety training, but also first aid, which is an essential aspect of the functioning of such a large company. In addition to this, we also conduct periodic training, which aim to raise employee awareness and morale and increase productivity of their work. We focus on development, because we know that it will bring the desired results.

We are aware that we use natural resources every day, which is why we are actively involved in environmental protection. We periodically control the amount of pollutants discharged into the environment and prepare the appropriate statements, which help us to minimize them. We invest in products and mechanisms to ensure the least possible consumption of natural energy. Our industry is based on cooperation with the environment, thus repay it as best we can. The innovative solutions will help us do that.

We also continue to optimize production technology and auxiliary processes, invest in business assets and provide them with adequate protection, and responsibly use communication tools. We also deepen constantly our knowledge and share our ideas, we are socially committed and carefully make investment decisions.