For students

We offer internships for students and graduates of different universities (not only technical or economic). We give the opportunity of development to anyone, who shows a suitable commitment. In our company, we focus primarily on the communication process, which is crucial in our opinion. Through conversations with our employees, we have acquired an excellent knowledge of how the work practice, implementation processes and training should look like.

We have developed a system, which step by step will help to get to know the most important principles of the company, key objectives and values, so that each new employee will quickly learn the company’s work system. We provide a stress-free and rapid integration with the work environment by organizing meetings with senior employees, who will talk about their work and will patiently answer any questions concerning the functioning of the company.

At every step we share our knowledge and experience to those just starting the adventure with our company to enable them to learn the most useful skills in an accessible way. We want to develop our staff, because we believe that with their progress, also our company will go up. We are not afraid to invest in talented and energetic people, because we know that they can also prove valuable for our development.

Due to the long presence in the market, we guarantee gaining valuable experience and skills that will contribute to the effective development of each of our employees. Cooperation with our company opens up wide possibilities in the labour market, and we offer the possibility of working with us for longer to the best trainees.

We also provide extensive training package, not only the implementation, but also related to the position. We value the development of our employees, because they who are behind the success of our company. Without them it would be impossible to talk about any achievements, therefore we care about their interests and needs. Welfare of employees is very important for us, because “happy employee is a productive employee.”