After work

We appreciate the expertise and passion of our employees, so we openly support them in activities outside working hours. We stimulate them in achieving their personal goals and organize opportunities to have a chance to properly unwind and relax after the performance of their duties. We care about the development of their interests and hobbies, and help them in their realization, thanks to the many interesting solutions that we offer.

The people working for the company Chemnaft can become the holders of MultiSport card, which provides free access to the best sports facilities throughout Polans, among others gyms, salons, fitness, swimming pools, martial arts schools, beauty and massage salons and tennis courts. While working with us, you have at a small expense a chance to actively spend time after work, to which we especially encourage. Physical fitness supports the work of the brain and the release of endorphins, i.e. hormones of happiness, so that the employee will be more rested, relaxed and happy.

We also organize integration meetings, where we have an excellent opportunity to get to know each other while grilling, playing urban games or take part in various occasional events organized by the towns, where our branches are located. We encourage our employees to participate in various charity events that bring fun, promote physical culture and help those in need – of course together as one company to give a sense of integration with us at every stage.

We also care about the family life of our employees, which is why we organize various themed picnics, where our employees, together with their loved ones, have a chance to enjoy their time and relax while listening to good music and trying a variety of dishes from many interesting regions of the world. We do everything to make our employees pleased with the presence on the ship of such close crew, which is Chemnaft.