Paweł Borkowski

Drift is one of the most spectacular automobile sports. It began in Japan, where the first drivers competed in “side” driving in a controlled skid. The sport quickly became popular throughout the world. Professional and incredibly spectacular competitions started to be organized.

One of the biggest events of this kind in Europe is Drift Masters Grand Prix, attended by the best drivers, who perform extreme demonstrations of their skills. Here, there’s no place for weakness, it is the speed, style and precision that count. These features can be easily observed in the way of driving of Paweł Borkowski, who in 4th round held in Płock defeated Jerzy Tecław in TOP16, James Dean TOP 8 and Piotr Wiecek TOP4 and as a result stood on top of the podium!

We fuel the sport. Since June 2016 we have supported Paweł Borkowski and his sports dreams. We focus on the development of a young, 23-year-old driver from Ciechanow, who is speeding for new victories owing to his great talent and passion, which is drift. Our company makes every effort to ensure this promising contestant right conditions that will generate even better sports results.