Opening of the exhibition HARD ROCK VS. ROMANTIC BOYS IN Galeria Bardzo Biała

I would like to warmly invite you to the gallery ‘Bardzo Biała’ for an opening exhibition Hard Rock vs. Romantic Boys which will take place on the 17th of September

(Saturday) at 7 p.m.
The exhibition will be a meeting of nine male artists jointly talking about a diverse and multi-layered story of love… especially the erotic one.
It’s a characteristic way to answer the question when, from which the image of a hard, deprived of emotions, guided just by a biological urge, man, so deeply consolidated with their image of the XXI century. Is the way of feeling emotions so connected with sex? Has love really become a domain of women? Is it possible that this big diversity of feelings, which we can read about in the greek mythology, could combine to one deed? Is Apollo’s relentless desire of Dafne, love of Adonis to Aphrodite and Persephone the leading to murder? The envy of Zephir to Hiacyntha and Apollina, the forgotten past, or maybe just a fairytale, figment of the imagination which has nothing to do with reality?

Bartek Jarmoliński Paweł Korbus Sebastian Krok Paweł Łyjak
Paweł Matyszewski Mateusz Michalczyk Maciej Rauch Michał Rutz
Kacper Szalecki

Mariusz Mateusz Andrzej Bartek Jarmoliński
Siksa (19.00/25/09)
Zoro Woman

[The exhibition is destined for adults. It contains contents socially acknowledged as controversial. It can bring out strong emotions. Please think through participating in this event.] More infromation on the website: