Employee appraisal system

For many years, we have been using the appraisal system for all employees, because we know how important it is in their development. Regular evaluation is one of the many parts of our motivation policy and allows for the diagnosis of employee’s developmental potential and the selection of individual development paths.

Over the years of conducting business we realized that the system of periodic evaluation of employees is extremely important in the management of personnel in the company. During the periodic evaluation of employees we set goals that need to be realistic to achieve. Owing to this, an employed person knows exactly what to do and in which direction go, so that they actions were the most effective. We summarize the achievements of each employee, what has both motivational and communication character.

Conducting such an employee appraisal system has a significant, organizational importance for us. It allows to make an overview of possessed human resources by assessing the knowledge, skills and work of every employed person. It also allows the creation of individual development programs, such as staff career paths.

We also to make this system as stress-free and non-invasive as possible, so that our employees do not have to worry about the loss of jobs but only receive a basis for further professional development.