Chemnaft as an employeer

We are a responsible employer with years of experience in the labour market underpinned with many successes. We care of the best possible relations with our colleagues and partners, without whom we would have never achieved success. We appreciate the commitment of people employed by us, which is why we provide them with a broad package of social and health services, medical care and adapted incentive and bonus system.

We continuously conduct a dialogue with all employees, because we focus on open communication, which contributes to effective work of our staff. Owing to long presence in the market we know what are our and our competitors’ possibilities. We do not take risky steps that can bring significant losses to the company and lead to forced redundancies or reductions of standards. We make every important decision in cooperation with experts in various fields employed by us, who have not so far disappointed us.

As an employer, we also offer stable working conditions, proper training and preparation for the best performance of duties, and salary adapted to the responsibility connected with the position.

We create rich opportunities for promotion, both vertical and horizontal. Working in our company means constant development, owing to the cyclic employee appraisal systems and extensive training packages. We also try to implement new solutions in accordance with the requirements of the employees and on the basis of observations conducted by us.

We carefully build the confidence of our employees. We regularly organize meetings with them to keep them informed of the company’s plans, to conduct the discussion on our objectives, to share our achievements with them. We want our employees to feel part of the organization, which we create together.